UNIFood Conference
June 28th-29th 2024 University of Belgrade

UNIFood Conference

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 3rd UNIFood International Conference – UNIFood2024 that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 28th to 29th June 2024. 1st UNIFood conference, organized as national, was established 2018. year as one of the events in honor of the 210th Anniversary celebration of the University of Belgrade that ranked at Shanghai list on 35th place for the 2017 year in subject Food Science and Technology. More than 250 proceedings from thirteen countries out of which 83 oral presentations (among them three plenary lecturers, eight invited lecturers and three section lecturers) together with round table, dedicated to better cooperation between academia and industry were indicated to the significance of food research in different areas of science and technology demanding multidisciplinary and multi-actor approaches. 2nd UNIFood conference was organized as international in 2021. year and gather 273 participants from 23 countries, with 52 oral presentations (among them four plenary lecturers, five key note speakers, seven invited lecturers and three section lecturers) together with round tables and workshops.

Thus, this year, an international conference will be organized by University of Belgrade and the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade and will bring together food scientists, technologists, researchers, nutritionists, engineers and entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge about the latest advances in all aspects of food production, processing, sustainability, safety and security, nutrition and health, hi-tech equipment, ethics and knowledge transfer supporting environment thorough six conference topics:

  • Food Production, Processing, Sustainability, Added-value Food
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Food Nutrition and Health
  • Hi-Tech Agriculture and Food Production
  • Food Ethics
  • Education, Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge

The second day of the Conference, special attention will be dedicated to the dialogue between companies and academic and research institutions, presentation and possibilities of EU and international projects as well as a presentation of Ecotrophelia competition to strengthen cooperation between academia and industry. Furthermore, this conference will allow to young researchers and scientists to extend their knowledge by attending different workshops.

Food companies and related producers of industry and laboratory equipment are invited to present their products and services. It will offer a good opportunity to present the latest products to the broad audience, reach new cooperation and extend the existing network.

We are looking forward to seeing you at UNIFood2024 Conference.