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Transport from the Belgrade Airport

There are a few options of getting from the Belgrade Airport to the Belgrade city center.

Mini bus No. A1 - Runs every 20 minutes. The end point is “The Slavija square” (Trg Slavija). The ticket can be purchased in the bus (from the bus driver) at the price of 300 dinars.

Public bus No. 72 – Runs every 30 minutes. The end point is known under the name “Zeleni venac”. The ticket can be purchased at a kiosk or in the bus (from the bus driver) at the price of 72 and 150 dinars, respectively.

    The bus stop is just outside the terminal for International Arrivals (-1 level). You may also take a TAXI from the airport to your destination. The best option is to order a taxi at the Taxi Info stand at the Airport. One of the stands is located exactly in front of the exit door of the International Arrivals hall (-1 level). You will get a receipt immediately, and you will pay at the end of the ride.

    Please be careful if you hail a taxi from those that wait in front of the Airport, as you might be overcharged.

    Just in case, here are the contact details of some of the official city taxi companies, where you can prearrange your transport from the Belgrade Airport to the city center:

  • www.pinktaxi.info

  • alfataxi

  • www.radiobeotaxi.co.rs

  • www.beogradski-taxi.com

  • www.taxi.rs

Belgrade International Airport

Transport by Car

If you decide to come to Serbia by car, you can find updated information on the roads in Serbia at http://www.amss.org.rs

Public Parking

To find a spot for parking in Belgrade might be a bit of a challenge, especially downtown, but this is common in all big cities around the world.

If you are staying for a shorter period and have no time to look for a place, the best solution is to head for one of the car parks (usually listed as a "garage" or [garaʒa] in Serbian) which charge by the commenced hour. You will get a notice on entering, with the date and time of entrance. Be aware to keep the notice and insert it in the machine at the exit ramp, which records the current time.

Parking zones signs in Belgrade

Most of the city centre is divided into parking zones which have limited stay from one to three hours between 7am and 9pm on working days and from 7 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

There are two ways of paying for parking in Belgrade.

The easier one is to send a text message containing your plate number (without spacing between characters) to the number 9111, 9112 or 9113 depending on the zone you are parked in (Zone 1, 2 or 3); in a few seconds you will receive a message confirming your payment.

In the second and third zone you can prolong your stay after the first or second hour.

Another option is to buy a parking ticket at a kiosk or a corner store, fill in the details and leave the ticket displayed in the windshield.

If parked incorrectly your car will be towed away.

There are three places where your car might be: at the car park in Mileva Maric Ajnstajn street in New Belgrade, Staro sajmište (New Belgrade side of the Tram bridge), Vidin Gate (eastern edge of the Fortress), Ada Ciganlija (in the vicinity of Radnička St). To learn where your car is, visit parking-servis.co.rs and fill in your plate number in Find your vehicle field.

In order to get it back you will have to go there and pay the fine.

For information on prices, hours, addresses of public garages and public car parks, and other useful information on parking in Belgrade, please see the website of the Public Parking Service.